Causes and problems

New eating habits

Only 4% of the European population feeds properly!
More than 50% is overweight and is still poorly nourished or then the opposite!
Diets with removal of many vital foods.
Growing consumption of refined essential foods!

The environment

Progressive impoverishment of agricultural soils: source of direct impoverishment of the food plants and indirect food animals fed with these deficient plants.
Water pollution.
CO2 rate too high.

The denaturalization of food

Intensive methods of accelerated growth in agriculture and farming
(Toxic) untimely treatment plant and animals
Modern techniques of industrial production (including those of conservation and distribution).

The personal care and the way of life

Chemistry dominates in personal care products.
Often not adequate personal care.
Overload of the body due to the environment (ozone, acid rain, etc.)
Lack of physical exercises.
Poor living conditions (stress, pollution, etc.).