Aloe Vera - Jambes

Swollen legs

Each quarterly monitoring to my gynecologist, he discovered cysts to tubal either left, right, or for which he prescribed me tablets to hormones. This means weight gain. The last control early August, for the first time in a long time, most cysts. Thank God - or Aloe Freedom. Thank you.
During this period, I couldn't give my blood. Hemoglobin (iron level)? is located higher up for blood donors and every faith, I was too low. The last blood test showed that my iron level has increased and I can give without problem.
I like summer, except that the days of heat, I had water in the legs (water retention). Since taking the Aloe vera gel, can any heat, more problems.
Acne on the back: the buttons that were big and red, often painful disappeared. My hair also changed a lot, they are thicker and shine more, only as a result of drinking the Aloe vera gel.
These are the comments that I have seen on me so far.