The prostate

How to treat the prostate every day

My father received gel from me from Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Gelly and Forever Pro6 as a gift and drank it for about a month and a half, morning and evening 30 ml. He felt good and didn't notice any changes. Then came this:
During a routine check-up, the doctor found high prostate levelsafter a blood test. it was 9.9. Already from 4, there is the suspicion of cancer. In addition his prostate had hardened and the doctor explained that the hardening in addition to the high rate was very unfavorable. He made an appointment for a tissue sample 15 days later. During those 15 days, my father increased the intake to 60 ml to 3 times a day.
In addition, he did an enema twice a day with 30 ml of Aloe Vera Gelly gel. After only a few days of taking the highest dose and enemas, he noticed an improvement when he had to urinate. He felt more active. Then came the day of the tissue collection. His prostate was further examined. She had changed, she was not as hard, but not normal yet. A few days later came the results of the sample, it was surprising, everything was in order.
Since my father can urinate normally again. He also noticed that the blisters he had inside his hands that bothered him a lot (he could remove whole pieces of skin),
had disappeared.