Aloe vera - directions

Indications of the pulp of Aloe Vera:

1. General guidance (by mouth)

  • States of fatigue.
  • Deficiency States.
  • Deficient land.

2. special through oral or local indications

  • Cardiovascular sphere (by mouth):
    • high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis with cardio-cerebrales consequences.
  • Digestive (by mouth):
    • bloating and flatulence,
    • bad breath of digestive origin,
    • colon irritation,
    • functional constipation.
  • Osteo-ligament sphere (through local external):
    • Sprains,
    • Sprains,
    • tendonitis (in combination,
    • most often with the application of ice or magnets).
  • Dermatological sphere (through local external) which is the privileged of Aloe Vera pulp action field:
    • all degree burns (including sunburn which are the 1st degree burns) and whatever the causes: fire, boiling liquids, electricity, x-rays, etc.
    • frostbite, cracks and crevices.
    • blisters, redness (erythemas) and skin irritations in general, including diaper rash in infants.
    • abrasions, cuts and wounds in a whole, as well as bruises (clean the wound before applying).
    • Varicose ulcers and ulcerations in general, as well as all slow and difficult healing.
    • stretch marks (preventive and curative)
    • bites of insects and various signboards of location (including anal pruritus and vulvar pruritus in women).
    • Psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and some forms of eczema.
    • oral and genital herpes.
    • Seborrhea of the scalp, dandruff and abnormal hair loss.
    • premature aging of the skin (preventive and curative).
  • Ophthalmologic sphere (through local external):
    • fatigue eye stye, conjunctivitis, cataract.
  • Stomatological sphere (through local internal):
    • inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), language (glossites) and the oral mucosa (stomatitis).
    • postoperative care of extraction dental or periodontal and regular oral hygiene.
  • Endocrine sphere (by mouth):
    • an experiment on 5000 patients following period of 5 years, the fresh Aloe vera pulp incorporated to food seems to bring an improvement of fat diabetes.

This important study, however, ask to be confirmed by further work.