Autumn allergies

Mold removal

Outdoors, one of the major causes of mould is wet leaves that have fallen to the ground and are rotting. Inside, it is also necessary to fight against moisture.

The main measure is based on the daily, or even multi-daily, aeration of all the rooms of the dwelling, and each time for at least 10 minutes.
If, despite this aeration of mould, clean the area contaminated with Aloe MPD.
But if the area affected by mould is large (more than 3 m2), it is necessary to call in a specialized company.

Please note that parents of young children are particularly concerned, knowing that early exposure to mould in the first year of life triples the risk of developing asthma around the age of 7 (1).

Against fall allergies, prepare your home

With autumn, allergens come back strong.
Be prepared to fight allergens, especially those related to mold and mites.
Also be aware that in autumn, pollens also come back to poison the lives of allergy sufferers...

Fighting pollen

Grasses, the main allergenic plants, pollinate from April to June-July, but with a resurgence in September-October that is still likely to cause the eyes of allergy sufferers to sneeze, cough and tear, and even alter the breathing of asthmatics.
But pollens are not the only enemies of allergy sufferers in the automnal period: mold and mites are there!
So how do we manage our interiors to fight mold and mites?

Liquid aloe gel soap, Aloe MPD. Biodegradable, without phospates, respects the environment.


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