Aloe Vera - Uterus

Inflammation of the uterus

I want to share my experiences with the gel, because it helped me - and my 2 granddaughters.
The gel helped my granddaughter when she had the earrings and the lobe of her ear is infected, her mother rubbed her ear with the Aloe Vera Gelly and the next day everything was healed!
For the small Savannah, it helped her to conjunctivitis. The mother of the 2 girls (my daughter Bianka) is excited. For me, it helps me also very often for my pain in ears (I have ears very sensitive to wind). 2 drops in the ears, a little cotton and feels right now as the pain disappear.
I also had an inflammation in the lower abdomen and my gynecologist could not explain where she came, she prescribed me medication, my condition improved but inflammation always came back. That's when I made the acquaintance of. I drank it 3 times a day and I'm cured.
Well, we can only recommend the and especially in all situations!