2 CC - Combos

Pros : Healing Combos

A promotional free set with a value of €70 for a new FBO. There are two types of combos to start:

Combo 'Start your Biz'

Start your Biz 2 CC combo was created to the attention of the new FBO who want not only personally using the products but also wish to embark immediately on the recommendation and sale of products. Combos consist of 2 x the same box of 1 CC. A box for personal use in order to discover our products. And the other to build its first revenue by recommending these products.

Combo 'Touch of Forever'

Some FBO first wish to gain experience with our wide assortment of products, what it is possible to do by testing the Touch of Forever 2 CC combo. Moreover, it is a second wise purchase after the Start your Biz combo by allowing a new FBO to be active 4 CC from the 1st month, even if he has yet to find new team members.

As each of these combos of 2 CC is an excellent choice, we chose to give the same price to each of the combos for the Novus Customers (price inclusive of tax). However, given the fact that VAT differs from one country to another, the price will be different depending on the country.

Novus (T.T.C.) Customer of combos 2 CC price:

  • Netherlands: €465
  • Belgium: €475
  • Luxembourg: €450

1st provider of work for all!

Forever retail shop!

2 CC combos and allow the car FOB international contractor potential to make a good start.

  • Benefit directly from:
    • 30% discount to purchase
    • + 5% Personal Discount.
  • 4 times more likely to continue.
  • Additional discount on 2CC combos.
  1. Products bought through a new FBO are intended to be a personal experience of the products first.
  2. But they can also be a stock very handy to keep in the House for the recommendation and the resale to a third party.
  3. Thus immediately regain some of the money invested.

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