Premature ejaculation

The solutions

and Vitolize for Women is a dietary supplement that has all the beneficial properties of Forever Pro6.

, which contribute to optimal prostate conditions, but also contain a highly effective blend of powerful plants, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that also promote healthy urinary flow and proper testicular function.

Vitolize for men,combined with a healthy diet and sufficient physical exercise, naturally promotes the vitality of both men and women.

Can we solve it?

The answer is YES

Solving Early Ejaculation You may not know it yet, so rest assured, education or rehabilitation is within your reach, regardless of your social rank, your age, you will be surprised by the speed of your progress.

Solutions to get rid of premature ejaculation:

  • Creams and sprays that desensitize your penis, it can be a way to re-learn thanks to our condensed method. Don't buy anything, prefer products to standards.
  • The capsules offered on the internet, unknown to the medical world.
  • Don't fall into the trap of capsules that enlarge the penis!
  • One tip, Don't play with your health, a penis doesn't grow with capsules!. (Know that a penis only 5 (five) centimeters long in erection is enough to satisfy your partner)
  • How to control your excitement and then control it.
  • How to create desire in your partner.
  • How to really bring pleasure to your partner and yourself.
  • How to discover or rediscover a new sex life and also very important, save your couple (which I wish you very sincerely).

The problem

But the problem is that it's not magic. Once premature ejaculation is installed, you can't do what you want and there are bad behaviors, false beliefs that end up breaking many hearts and many hopes.
You find yourself in a vicious cycle of failures, the more you try to get by and the more premature ejaculation takes hold, in short, relationships with yourself and your loves can become an obstacle.


With proper training you will be able to control your erection and ejaculation in just a few weeks.

Surprising as it may seem 2 to 8 weeks on average will be enough to permanently get rid of your premature ejaculation.

The story

During prehistory, it would appear that man's mating must have been short-lived.

Indeed the coît was a period of time exposed and conducive to the possible predators of the time. The same is true at the moment for horses, for the same reason. All this to say that your premature ejaculation is not so surprising and singular as it may seem.

Nowadays of course, things have changed and you want to prolong the sexual act, for its pleasure and for the well-being it provides you, in order to share it with your partner and that is normal.


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