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Données internet

Amendment of data on the internet (website, social network and blog). Internet administrative assistant in the internet. Adding, editing, or deleting data on your blog or website.


Internet assistant

Your administrative assistant receives and directs your Internet customers. You can keep in touch with your customers? Your administrative assistant online does it for you.

Web audit

Order a virtual environmental audit of: brand, product, keyword, etc. Audit SEO on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, drafting of specifications and customer relationship management consultant. Agile development: agile, iterative and collaborative approach. Administrative assistant media: virtual support, auto entrepreneur, entrepreneurial project, research and development, project management assistant, area free download (letter, contract, agreement and mail); unlimited support. Offers young Africa Europe. Optimize your reputation, your visibility


E reputation

E-reputation: look after your reputation; ask your administrative assistant to optimize the reputation of a keyword on the page of your choice.


Affiliation MLM

Affiliation Multi Level Markdeting ; devenir auto entrepreneur sans risques.

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