Aloe Vera

The plant "amer" - Aaaoeh!

Aloe Vera is known by the scientific name of Aloe an Miller (the true Aloe).
There are about 300 varieties of this plant, called various names:

Plant that heals, plant Miracle, wonderful plant, plant of Burns, first care plant, Lily of the Desert, flow of Gel, wand of heaven, goddess and plant of immortality.

Aloe is a plant native to East and South Africa. It grows well in sunny, warm and dry climates. Aloe Vera is part of the succulent perennial plants Liliacea family. It grows in clumps, and has long green leaves decorated with Quills.

Large yellow-orange tubular flowers can bloom in the middle of the plant top. They can reach maturity in 3 or 4 years, and can reach a height of one meter, with up to 21 sheets, and weigh about 2 pounds.

The modern name of Aloe comes from the Arabic word Aaaoeh, which means "bitter."


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