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Aloes Forever Aloe Gel for internal and external care. 

Blacks from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) knew the importance of Aloe Vera as a medicinal plant. There are 6000-year-old sculptures that depict this plant they called the "Plant of Immortality."
Around 1500 BCE, in Kemet, during the reign of Waset's Per-aa, Amen-Hotep, the use of Aloe Vera for cosmetic and herbal treatments was recorded on a famous papyrus. Kemetic Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra applied Aloe Vera on their black skin regularly to enhance their beauty.
In addition, Aloe Vera was used in internal treatment to purify the stomach, treat tonsils, and oral diseases, as well as external treatment, to relieve bruises, wounds, and many dermatological disorders such as dryness and irritation of the skin, etc.
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